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This study revisits Carpenter and Krutka’s (2014) survey of how and why educators use Twitter, through exploring one of Twitter’s …

Accessing and contributing to online spaces have become regular parts of many educators’ professional activities. However, the popular …

Prior research has shown that teacher communities are important for social, cognitive, and affective growth of teachers. Further, …

Social media have come to play an important role in the professional lives of many educators. Platforms such as Twitter create new …

This conceptual exploration revisits a key question from earlier work (Greenhow & Gleason, 2014): What is scholarship reconsidered …



Instructor, Electronic Assessment for Teaching and Learning

Michigan State University

Sep 2018 – Present Online

CEP 813 (Master’s course)

Foundational theories of assessment. Critical examination of methods (e.g., portfolios, rubrics, surveys, tests, self-evaluations), and digital tools that allow educators to gather information, analyze it, and make informed pedagogical choices. Design of assessments for learning, as learning and of learning, especially in digital contexts.


Instructor, Learning Technology through Design

Michigan State University

Jan 2018 – Present Online

CEP 817 (Master’s course)

Design of educational curricula, tools, and software. Designing for learners. Human computer interaction. Art and aesthetics of design. Iterative design. Collaboration in design.


Instructor, Teaching and Learning with Technology

Michigan State University

Sep 2017 – Present Online

CEP 416 (Undergraduate course)

Uses of multimedia technology and social media in teaching and learning. Developing plans for integrating technology in classroom. Designing digital online portfolio as tool for professional development. Teaching school subject matter with technology.


Instructor, Teaching Students Online

Michigan State University

Sep 2017 – Dec 2017 Online

CEP 820 (Master’s course)

Strategies for constructing and implementing online curricula aimed at students across the lifespan.


I am currently in the midst of completing my coursework for a PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology through Michigan …

In 2015, I completed a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology through Michigan State University’s College of Education. …

A bit of fiction to realize truth.

In 2014, I completed a 3-course Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design and Research through Michigan State University’s …