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The main branch of my research to date, seeking to understand the Twitter edcuational conversation #Edchat


As a graduate assistant, I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at Michigan State University:

  • CEP416: Teaching and Learning with Technology (Undergraduate) - Uses of multimedia technology and social media in teaching and learning. Developing plans for integrating technology in classroom. Designing digital online portfolio as tool for professional development. Teaching school subject matter with technology.

  • CEP 813: Electronic Assessment for Teaching and Learning (Master’s) - Foundational theories of assessment. Critical examination of methods (e.g., portfolios, rubrics, surveys, tests, self-evaluations), and digital tools that allow educators to gather information, analyze it, and make informed pedagogical choices. Design of assessments for learning, as learning and of learning, especially in digital contexts.

  • CEP 817: Learning Technology through Design (Master’s) - Design of educational tools and software. Designing for learners. Human computer interaction. Art and aesthetics of design. Iterative design. Collaboration in design.

  • CEP 820: Teaching Students Online (Master’s) - Strategies for constructing and implementing online curricula aimed at students across the lifespan.

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I am currently in the midst of completing my coursework for a PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology through Michigan State University’s College of Education. For now, I want to list each course, and hopefully down the road I’ll get chance to write about my experience in each. Theory and History CEP 900: Proseminar in Learning, Technology and Culture Summer 2016 Instructors: Dr. Cary Roseth, Dr. Matthew Koehler


In 2015, I completed a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology through Michigan State University’s College of Education. Here I offer a bit of my experience in each course. The “CEP” before the course number stands for “Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education,” the name of the department in the College of Education.” CEP 800: Psychology of Learning in School and Other Settings Summer 2013 Instructors: Dr. Hannah Klautke, Dr.


A bit of fiction to realize truth.


In 2014, I completed a 3-course Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design and Research through Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Here I offer a bit of my experience in each course. The “TC” before the course number stands for “Telecommunications,” the old department name in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences before they changed it to “Media and Information.” TC 831: Theories of Games and Interaction for Design Fall 2012