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The website Reddit has received scant attention from educational researchers despite the presence of numerous teaching-related …

The existing work on teacher-focused Twitter hashtags typically frames each hashtag as a single, unified phenomenon, thereby collapsing …

Twitter and other social media have assumed important places in many educators’ professional lives by hosting spaces where new kinds of …

In this paper, we document different expressions of Mormon identity and different approaches to Mormon practice within the #ldsconf …

The Teacher Educator Technology Competencies (TETCs) were created to help all teacher educators support teacher candidates as they …



Electronic Assessment for Teaching and Learning

Michigan State University

Sep 2018 – Present Online
Master’s course

  • Course topics include foundational theories of assessment, formative assessment, feedback, and a critical examination of methods for assessment (e.g., portfolios, rubrics, surveys, tests, self-evaluations).
  • Students develop an assessment design checklist to use in their own professional practice.
  • The semester-long project is to plan a formative assessment design to implement in their own context.

Learning Technology by Design

Michigan State University

Jan 2018 – Present Online
Master’s course

  • Course topics include design thinking, the design process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test), designing for learners, iterative design. and collaboration in design.
  • Students discuss examples of good and bad designs from everyday life.
  • The semester-long project is to work through one cycle of the design process to address a problem of practice from the student’s professional context.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Michigan State University

Sep 2017 – Present Online
Undergraduate course

  • Course topics include design thinking, universal design for learning, media & information literacy, professional learning networks, computational thinking, and play-based learning.
  • Students develop plans for integrating technology in classroom.
  • The semester-long project is to design a professional online portfolio.

Teaching Students Online

Michigan State University

Sep 2017 – Dec 2017 Online
Master’s course

  • Course topics include foundations for online learning, course management systems, various models of online course design, instructor-student communication, assessment, universal design for learning, and online classroom management.
  • Students playfully explore Google Apps, course management systems, screencasting tools, and file management systems.
  • The semester-long project is to design a curriculum for an online course module consisting of 3-5 interconnected lessons, which may include training sessions or non-traditional courses.


I’ve applied for a handful of academic jobs in the past six months, as many tenure track faculty positions as I could imagine fitting …

In Becoming Qualitative Researchers: An Introduction (2016), Corrine Glesne argued that to establish the trustworthiness of qualitative …

My research focuses on networked learning; specifically, I explore how social media platforms support online learning communities.

My teaching philosophy is shaped by two primary principles related to networked learning: (1) to affirm and strengthen students’ …

As I’ve wrapped up numerous cycles of qualitative coding of interview data for my dissertation, Into the edu-verse: New teachers …