Teaching-Related Subreddits

Teaching-Related Subreddits


Reddit is an understudied social media platform with a large and international base of users. Reddit has more than 430 million average monthly active users globally and 130,000 active discussion forums, called subreddits. Among these many subreddits, several are education-focused, including 16 that comprise the Reddit Education Network. However, Reddit’s potential for hosting teaching-related discussions has been the subject of relatively little research compared to other social media platforms.


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  1. redditor: R package for collection and analysis of Reddit data [Software: R package]
  2. Self-directed educator learning on Reddit: Comparing and contrasting two teaching-related subreddits
  3. Closing a semester during the COVID-19 pandemic: Higher education professionals seeking and sharing advice on instructional design strategies in Reddit


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K. Bret Staudt Willet, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies at Florida State University. I research networked learning in online communities, exploring issues of agency in navigating the learning spaces afforded by social media.


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