Educating Social Scholars: Examining Novice Researchers' Practices with Social Media


Recent articles in the educational research field have called for a stronger research focus on students’ learning with everyday technologies in-and-out-of classrooms and on the changing nature of scholars’ practices in light of tech- nological advancements. We present findings from a mixed methods study of whether and how novice researchers understand and practice social scholar- ship – a concept currently being debated in various disciplines – which seeks to leverage social media affordances to create expanded sites for research collaboration, peer review, dissemination, and evaluation of research im- pact. We found that novice researchers focused almost exclusively on social scholarship of discovery and much less on interdisciplinary, teaching, or ap- plied scholarship. Insights from this study will appeal to those interested in examining the theory and design of graduate student learning and faculty development.

In Qwerty – Open and Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education