New paper: Balancing open science and privacy in the context of learning analytics

Background I recently co-authored (with Josh Rosenberg a response to a valuable paper by Ifenthaler and Schumacher (2016) as a part of a special issue of Educational Technology Research & Development on “Shifting to Digital” in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a succinct description of the aims of the special issue: This Special Issue is unique in that it will focus on multiple perspectives where respondent authors write about the implications of scholarship on addressing current challenges related to an increased focus of digital learning.

Balancing Privacy and Open Science in the Context of COVID-19: A Response to Ifenthaler & Schumacher (2016)

Privacy and confidentiality are core considerations in education. At the same time, using and sharing data—and, more broadly, open science—are increasingly valued by editors, funding agencies, and the public, and learning analytics systems depend …