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A Tale of Two Subreddits: Change and Continuity in Teaching-Related Online Spaces

Despite social media’s ubiquity in modern life, research on some topics related to educators’ use of social media for professional purposes remains underdeveloped, such as how use may change over time. This study explores educators’ self-directed …

Teachers on Reddit? Exploring Contributions and Interactions in Four Teaching-Related Subreddits

The website Reddit has received scant attention from educational researchers despite the presence of numerous teaching-related subreddits that host thousands of threaded conversations. The purpose of this study was to provide an initial comparison of …

Identifying Multiple Learning Spaces Within a Single Teacher-Focused Twitter Hashtag

The existing work on teacher-focused Twitter hashtags typically frames each hashtag as a single, unified phenomenon, thereby collapsing or erasing differences between them (and any resulting implications for learning). In this study, we conceived of …

Transition Supports Through Social Media

Introduction New teachers face numerous decisions as they transition from teacher preparation into enacting practice (i.e., their induction period). They must reconcile conflicting messages about what and how to teach from the academic world of the preparation program and the practical world of their school of employment. Interviews with new teachers provide evidence of why new teachers seek supports for professional leaning to complement formal induction programs offered by schools and districts.

What Should Be the Role of Social Media in Education?

Social media provide new opportunities for when, how, where, and with whom people learn—venue unimaginable 15 years ago. Today’s students and educators have adopted social media for various purposes both within education and outside of it. This …

Revisiting How and Why Educators Use Twitter: Tweet Types and Purposes in #Edchat

This study revisits Carpenter and Krutka’s (2014) survey of how and why educators use Twitter, through exploring one of Twitter’s oldest education hashtags: #Edchat. From October 1, 2017 to June 5, 2018, more than 1.2 million unique #Edchat tweets …

Teaching-Related Subreddits

Introduction Reddit is an understudied social media platform with a large and international base of users. Reddit has more than 430 million average monthly active users globally and 130,000 active discussion forums, called subreddits. Among these many subreddits, several are education-focused, including 16 that comprise the Reddit Education Network. However, Reddit’s potential for hosting teaching-related discussions has been the subject of relatively little research compared to other social media platforms.

Educational Twitter Hashtags

Introduction Studies of educational uses of Twitter have often noted the inclusion of hashtags (i.e., a key word or phrase preceded by the “#” symbol) in tweets to organize conversations. Educational Twitter hashtags may be used as a general topical index (e.g., #education) as well as a marker of planned discussions called Twitter chats (e.g., #Edchat, #michED), which occur both synchronously and asynchronously. These hashtags are used to create both formal and informal leanring spaces, and they may be considered an emergent type of online learning environment.

Social Scholarship

Introduction Social scholarship is a framework that takes into account how social media affect forms of scholarly activity including discovery and research, teaching and learning, integration, and application. Social scholarship continues to evolve in light of changing understandings in the field of educational technology and the role social media play in the academy. Recent examples of social scholarship include altmetrics, interdisciplinary projects, crowdsourced educational technology syllabi, and a reconsideration of the needs of research participants.