Technology I Use



Writing and editing

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word (paid) for final APA-style formatting for journal articles
  • R Markdown for writing reports
  • LaTeX and BibTeX for writing particular documents (e.g., CV)
  • Zotero for reference management
  • Evernote for taking notes

Coding and data analysis

  • R for my main programming language
  • R Studio for my programming environment
  • git for version control
  • Tidyverse R packages for most data shaping and visualization
  • igraph R package for social network analysis
  • Gephi for prettier network visualizations
  • ATLAS.ti for qualitative coding and analysis
  • for transcribing interview data

Sharing research

Keeping track

  • Things for managing tasks (paid)
  • Trello for visually tracking projects
  • Overcast for subscribing to podcasts
  • Google Keep for making quick lists (e.g., packing, groceries, library)
  • LastPass for managing passwords (paid)


  • iPhone
  • MacBook Pro
  • Kindle Paperwhite