job doc

Career Reflection

I’ve applied for a handful of academic jobs in the past six months, as many tenure track faculty positions as I could imagine fitting my experiences and skills. In the present higher-education-during-COVID-19 reality, that has amounted to six jobs to apply to (with hopefully more posted in the coming weeks). Three of those I applied to have since been removed from consideration by university-wide hiring freezes. Work is hard to come by nearly everywhere these days, giving me cause to pause and reflect on my professional journey to date.

Diversity Statement

In Becoming Qualitative Researchers: An Introduction (2016), Corrine Glesne argued that to establish the trustworthiness of qualitative research, a researcher must reflect on their positionality, answering, “Why do I notice what I notice?” (p. 153). I am writing this diversity statement as a white, cisgender, heterosexual, American-born man. My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all received university degrees. It was always assumed that I would pursue an undergraduate degree, and my decisions to later pursue a Master’s degree and a Ph.

Research Statement

My research focuses on networked learning; specifically, I explore how social media platforms support online learning communities.

Teaching Statement

My teaching philosophy is shaped by two primary principles related to networked learning: (1) to affirm and strengthen students’ agency, and (2) to model and practice open science.